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Venting a system to change the witness chip is often a cause of down time in coating facilities. This fully automatic chip changer can hold up to 45 monitor chips, and in some situations may not need to be refilled for an entire day or days. It has an angle adjustable head to aid in alignment of source and detector in monitoring systems. It is controlled primarily by our SL-2012A optical monitor, but can also be adapted to equipment from other manufacturers. Extended capacity models are also available on special order.

The CC-60-XX Chip Changer uses 0.85" square BK7 chips that are 0.06" thick. Each chip is staggered 45˚ from each other and rotates 1/8 turn for each chip drop. The stack is supported by the bottom chips corners. When the stack rotates the corners fall through the square shaped opening and the stack is then caught by the next chip by it's corners. The chips are loaded in a magazine and each one can hold 45 chips. A glass shield covers the chip stack allowing the heat in but keeping them from being coated.



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