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Simple operation yet highly sophisticated process control!

The SC-20 system controller is capable of executing an entire coating run with the push of a single button. The backlit LCD display provides an easy way to monitor the coating and system status while running. The SC-20 can communicate not only with other Eddy process controllers, but with most OEM controllers as well. This makes it a perfect candidate for system upgrades as well as new builds. Noise protected circuitry coupled with continuous logic software ensures the process will be controlled and monitored throughout the whole process.

Here are some of its capabilities:

• Control of the system pumpdown sequence (for Cryo/Diffusion/Turbopump setups)

• Monitor and control chamber pressure

• Bleed gas to maintain precise chamber ambient (reactive evaporation)

• Control Plasma Processing

• Heat (rampup) and cool (rampdown) the substrate(s)

• Control motors for part rotation

• Monitor system utilities and performance and fail-safe the system as you require by
simple programming commands.

• Sound either auditory/visual alerts to malfunctions in system performance

• Automatically start your process at a programmed date and time

• Communicate with external process control(Crystal Monitor/LMC-20/OEM Products)
and store up to four different processes, each with different variables.

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